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Plaza Dentist Describes Dental Bonding

June 20, 2024

Dental bonding by Plaza Dentist applies a tooth-colored resin to the natural tooth to improve its function and/ or appearance. It is a beautiful quick fix for decay, chips, rotations,…

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Plaza Dentist Lee Plaza Dental Offers Services for Implant Crowns & Implant Bridges

May 23, 2024

Plaza Dentist Lee Plaza Dental offers restorative services for dental implant crowns and bridges. Implants can be beautifully maintained with routine dental care and restorative services. Your Plaza dentist, Lee…

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Plaza Dentist at Lee Plaza Dental Offers Same-Day Crowns

May 2, 2024

Lee Plaza Dental is offering same-day crowns! Using our cutting-edge Glidewell Machine, we can create your crown in just one visit, combining convenience with technology to minimize your stress and…

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Meet Your Plaza Dentist: Dr. Jodie Wing Lee

April 18, 2024

Plaza Dentist Dr. “Jodie” Wing Lee has always been passionate about helping people, promoting good oral health, and creating beautiful smiles. With over twenty years in the industry, she treats…

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Plaza Dentist of Lee Plaza Dental offers Dental Bridge and other Restorative Dental Procedures

March 21, 2024

Plaza Dentist in Kansas City, Dr. Jodie Wing Lee of Lee Plaza Dental, offers many restorative dentistry services, including dental fillings, crowns, bridges, implant restorations, partials and dentures. This week’s…

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Plaza Family Dentist is an Invisalign® Provider

March 7, 2024

Family Dentist on the Plaza, Dr. Jodie Wing Lee of Lee Plaza Dental is an Invisalign® provider serving the Plaza, Westport, and Kansas City areas.     Many patients find…

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Plaza Dentist offers Same Day Crowns in Kansas City

February 15, 2024

Plaza Dentist Lee Plaza Dental offers same-day crowns to patients across the Kansas City area, including the Plaza, Westport, and beyond! A same-day crown can immediately restore the function and…

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Plaza Dentist offers Teeth Whitening Services

January 18, 2024

Plaza Dentist Lee Plaza Dental knows the importance of a confident smile! Teeth whitening has become an essential part of personal maintenance. At Lee Plaza Dental, we offer both in-office…

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Plaza Dental Office Provides Same-Day Crown Service

December 7, 2023

Your Plaza dental office, Lee Plaza Dental now offers same-day crowns. Glidewell Machine crowns can be created in a single visit. This breakthrough in dental technology saves you time and…

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Plaza Dentist Lee Plaza Dental Offers Denture Services

October 5, 2023

Dentures are an excellent option for patients who can no longer keep their natural teeth but need a reliable option for chewing, talking, and smiling. Dentures will replace your teeth and…

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