Plaza Family Dentist is an Invisalign® Provider

Family Dentist on the Plaza, Dr. Jodie Wing Lee of Lee Plaza Dental is an Invisalign® provider serving the Plaza, Westport, and Kansas City areas.  
Many patients find Invisalign® more manageable than traditional braces. Because it is removed while eating, no food or debris can become trapped in underwires or rubber bands. The clear aligners are also more visually appealing to many patients who prefer a more sophisticated look than the traditional braces look.   
If you are curious about what Invisalign would cost to correct your smile, Dr. Jodie Lee is accepting new patients, including adults. Lee Plaza Dental is in-network for most major insurance plans and offers financing through CareCredit.  
Lee Plaza Dental is a family dental office. Dr. Lee sees children and adults, offers same-day emergency appointments and has early and late hours.
Lee Plaza Dental provides comprehensive dental care. Our family dentist office offers: 
·        Preventive Care  
·        Restorative Dentistry   
·        Cosmetic Dentistry  
·        Dental Emergency  
Contact our office at (816) 323-0180 to schedule a consultation appointment. 

Plaza Bunnies and Wonderland Animals  

Who is ready to join me with the cuteness coming to Kansas City from March 8th to April 8th, 2024? The colorful and oversized bunny statues made their Plaza debut back in 1931 and have been a tradition ever since. The nine bunnies, accompanied by eight animals, including a pelican, a turtle, and swans, will adorn the Plaza’s courtyards and street corners for an entire month.  
The Country Club Plaza also donates to the Missouri House Rabbit Society. A local nonprofit organization that has saved over 2,000 bunnies in the Kansas City area and is dedicated to education and adoption efforts. For more details about the #PlazaBunnies attraction, visit here.
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