Dr. Jodie Lee is a phenomenal dentist. Her practice is friendly, clean and the staff was wonderful. The experience was quick and efficient. She gave an honest opinion and assessment of my dental needs. She is our neighborhood dentist. My entire family is switching to Lee Plaza Dental. "

Erik S.

Great service, very professional, as painless as possible! I will be going for more dental work! Would highly recommend."

Mike T.

Dr. Lee is our family dentist and she is brilliant! She is highly trained, sincere, and honest. Her facility is state of the art and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a dentist who is skilled, trustworthy, nice, COVID conscious and practical.

Nikki M.

I can’t say enough about Dr. Jodie Lee and her team. I came to Dr. Lee with a lot of dental work that needed to be done to my front tooth. Jodie did an amazing job, made it as pleasant an experience, as possible, and worked within my time constraints. I’ve been to a lot of dentists, and this is the best dental experience that I’ve had, by far. I would recommend Dr. Jodie Lee to anyone looking for quality dental work.

Dr. Lee helped my son when he had a tooth infection. Her service was impeccable and she went above and beyond her normal office hours to make sure he was okay. Jodie treats her patients as family and I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking for a best-in-class dentist."

Kelly H.

I would recommend Dr. Lee to anyone. I had not been to the dentist in 10 plus years due to a bad experience before I went to see Dr. Lee. But it turned out to be a piece of incredibly good fortune. Dr. Lee worked on my teeth for several months. Through it all, she clearly explained every step and why it was necessary. For the amount of work my teeth needed, I am astonished and totally pleased with the results. It was much more than I expected. And even though she is moving to a new office, I will follow her there. Thank you Dr. Lee for giving me back my smile. I would recommend Dr. Lee to anyone."

George G.

Dr. Lee is an exceptional dentist. Not only are her credentials impressive, her attention to detail and concern for patient comfort is top notch. It makes me feel confident to see a dentist who not only attended Harvard Dental School but who has also taught at USC and UMKC. Dr. Lee's background assures me that I am receiving the most up-to-date, best possible level of care."

Laurie W.

Dr Lee is the best dentist I know !! Not only was I a patient of hers but I used to work with her for many years when she lived in California. I can honestly say she really cares about her patients and does her very best to make each one feel very comfortable. Everyone that goes to see her is very lucky to have her as their dentist."

Melissa G.

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