Plaza Dentist at Lee Plaza Dental Offers Same-Day Crowns

Lee Plaza Dental is offering same-day crowns! Using our cutting-edge Glidewell Machine, we can create your crown in just one visit, combining convenience with technology to minimize your stress and time spent at the dentist.

At Lee Plaza Dental, our same-day crown system crafts your crown in less than an hour using high-quality materials like those found in professional labs. The process utilizes design technology enhanced with advanced AI algorithms from Glidewell, ensuring your crown is perfectly fitted, aesthetically pleasing, and feels natural.

How the Same-Day Crown Procedure Works at Lee Plaza Dental:

  1. Dr. Lee prepares your tooth and takes a 3D digital mouth scan.
  2. The software then designs a precise digital model of your crown.
  3. While you relax, the crown is meticulously sculpted from a tooth-colored, metal-free material.
  4. Dr. Lee cements the new crown to your tooth.

Accepting New Patients

We are accepting new patients! If you’re located near the Plaza, Westport, or the greater Kansas City area, call our Plaza dentist office today! Contact our office staff at (816) 323-0180, or use the online appointment scheduling tool and let us give you a healthy, beautiful smile! 


Mother’s Day Picnic Paint Class at The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art!

 Happy Mother’s Day from Lee Plaza Dental!

Check out Nelson-Atkins’s annual “Mother’s Day Picnic Paint Class.” Admission includes a small canvas, paint supplies, a charcuterie board, and beverages. Attendees should bring a blanket or pillow to relax on the museum grounds.

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