Plaza Family Dental Care Provides Emergency Dental Services

Lee Plaza family dental care team is committed to providing emergency dental care in Kansas City. Dental emergencies occur under different circumstances, and while many can be avoided with routine dental check-up and regular dental care, accidents occur requiring immediate attention. Here are some common accidents that require emergency dental care, and tips for what to do:

Fractured Teeth can be caused by impact with hard objects or surfaces, or poor oral health, and can result in cracked, broken or chipped teeth. Fractures can be painful and cause severe tissue damage and require emergency dental care. Rinse your mouth with warm water to reduce the swelling, then hold an ice pack on the impacted area. 

Lost fillings can cause the area to become very sensitive to air and pressure, and can be  painful. Built-up bacteria inside your mouth can cause an abscess, a painful swelling filled with pus. It’s very harmful to your teeth and gums. Call Lee Plaza family dental for care immediately.

Cuts inside your lips, cheeks, or tongue can be serious. Call Lee Plaza family dental for a dental evaluation. 

Whenever you have a dental emergency in Kansas City call Lee Plaza Dental at 816-323-0180 and select option 1.

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