Plaza Dentist Provides Restorative Dentistry

Plaza Dentist Lee Plaza Dental offers a wide variety of restorative dentistry services. Missing or infected teeth can be embarrassing and harmful to your health, or sometimes making it difficult for people to eat or speak properly. Even with regular preventative care, check-ups and good oral hygiene practices, our teeth may need restoring sometimes.


Restorative Dental Destination


Restorative dentistry procedures are extremely effective for restoring a tooth that has become infected, damaged or has fallen out. Advancements in restorative dentistry has benefits for both the patient and the dentist. The tools and technology advancements give dentists improved tooth color matching, faster tooth reproduction times, and longer lasting results, A patient can regain functionality without any noticeable appearance of dental work.


Lee Plaza Dental offers a offers a wide variety of restorative dentistry services

Dental fillings, crowns, bridges, implant restorations, dentures and much more. Click on this link restorative dentistry services or call the office 816-323-0180 for more information.


Happy Easter!

Wishing all of our patients, staff, family and friends a Happy Easter! This season of new blooms, singing birds and fresh spring flowers is always a beautiful one in Kansas City. Easter is on Sunday, April 9th, 2023.


If you are in the Kansas City Metro area including the Plaza and Westport areas and are interested in dental restorative treatments, contact our Plaza Dentist office today to schedule a consultation, or you can make an appointment through our online appointment scheduling tool. If you have any questions regarding your dental benefits and how they can help cover restorative dental treatments, please call us at (816) 323-0180 to speak to our staff.



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