Plaza Dentist Offers Emergency Dental Services

Plaza dentist, Dr. Jodie Lee with Lee Plaza Dental offers emergency dental services for the whole family.

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Plaza Dentist Offers Emergency Dental Appointments For The Whole Family

Sometimes brushing, rinsing or flossing can relieve dental discomfort, but if your tooth or mouth pain increases as the day progresses or hurts for more than a day, you need to see your Plaza dentist as soon as possible.

Other dental emergencies can include a loose tooth, or one that has been knocked out. Any impact severe enough to loosen or knock out a tooth could cause additional oral damage, and if left untreated, could lead to infection or other serious complications. It is possible that your gums, cheeks and tongue could be damaged as well from an impact injury.

Another dental emergency that requires immediate attention is if your teeth are chipped or broken. If a dental chip is significant, or your tooth is cracked or in pieces, you should seek out immediate emergency dental care from your Plaza dentist.

If you’ve lost a filling or crown, you may need to see your Plaza dentist as soon as possible to avoid possible infection and damage to your exposed gum. Any untreated oral infection may lead to extreme pain and can create a dangerous dental abscess.

As a Plaza dentist, Dr. Jodie Lee understands that dental emergencies happen at any moment, especially after business hours and on weekends. For this reason, Lee Plaza Dental offers same-day dental emergency services so you don’t have to wait in pain. Please contact our office staff at the phone number below to set up your dental emergency appointment.

If you are in the Plaza, Westport and Waldo areas, Dr. Jodie Lee, at Lee Plaza Dental is the Plaza dentist for you. We offer a convenient online scheduling tool to help you make regularly scheduled dental appointments and checkups. Contact us with any questions you have about your oral health today.

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