Plaza Dentist Lee Plaza Dental Provides Denture Service

Plaza Dentist Dr. Jodie Lee knows the importance restorative dentistry can play in a person’s life. Lee Plaza Dental office provides a wide variety of restorative dentistry services such as partial and complete dentures in addition to dental fillings, crowns, bridges, implant restorations etc.

Think You May Need Dentures?

 While dentures are a removable appliance, keeping them in serves more than just looking like your natural smile. They support your face and facial structures like your natural teeth would do. Being removable also means you can keep your gums healthy and your dentures clean.

Partial Dentures are also an option for patients who have not lost all of their teeth. Partials prevent excessive wear and tear on your natural teeth, since the chewing force is now distributed evenly throughout the mouth.

If you are unsure about the benefits of dentures or any restorative dentistry, please call our office to set up a consultation appointment with our plaza dentist Dr. Jodie Lee who can answer questions about the fitting procedure and the overall advantages this offering may have for you!

Accepting New Patients

We love meeting new people! We are glad to be accepting new patients throughout the entire Kansas City area, even the plaza and Westport areas closest to us. Our friendly staff is here to answer any insurance questions that you may have, call Lee Plaza Dental at 816-323-0180 / 816-376-0851.

Celebration at Union Station

We hope you will mark your calendars for the special event on Sunday, May 28th. In collaboration with the Kansas City Symphony, the Bank of American Celebration, a beloved Kansas City Tradition returns! Held at Union Station and the National WWI Museum, this celebration includes a free concert, food trucks, and a commemoration of our veterans. The celebration will celebrate Memorial Day in a musical and memorable way.

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If you are in the Kansas City Metro area including the Plaza and Westport areas and are interested in dental restorative treatments, contact our Plaza Dentist office today to schedule a consultation, or you can make an appointment through our online appointment scheduling tool. If you have any questions regarding your dental benefits and how they can help cover restorative dental treatments, please call us at (816) 323-0180 to speak to our staff.



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