Plaza Dental Office Accepts Many Insurance Plans

Lee Plaza Dental office knows that dental work can be expensive and accepts many different insurance plans to help offset your individual cost. Without insurance, even routine cleanings and yearly dental exams can be expensive. This is why so many people put off regular cleanings as part of a preventative care routine.

Lee Plaza Dental Office Accepts Many Dental Insurance Plans

Lee Plaza Dental office accepts many insurance plans through their insurance webpage. If you have dental insurance but aren’t sure if your plan is accepted, you can always call Lee Plaza Dental office to discuss with our staff if your plan is accepted.

Making sure you know exactly what your dental plan covers, what your copay is, and what your personal responsibilities are after insurance is important before beginning any dental checkup or procedure. No one wants a surprise bill, so understanding your dental plan is a proactive step in your oral health. This is also helpful for budgeting for emergency dental expenses as well.

Don’t let money come between you and your oral health. Dental insurance plans are available and are the easiest way to help maintain you and your family’s oral health goals. Routine cleanings, x-rays, fluoride treatments and thorough checkups are recommended every six months and go a long way to keeping your teeth and gums healthy.

You can experience a full range of dental solutions with a dental insurance plan accepted by Lee Plaza Dental office. If you are in the Kansas City Metro area, Westport, Waldo, Brookside or Corinth, contact us today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Lee, or feel free to call your Plaza dental office at (816) 323-0180 to discuss any questions you have regarding your dental insurance plan.

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