Lee Plaza Dental Provides Same-Day Emergency Dental Appointments

Nobody ever plans to need an emergency dentist, that’s why Lee Plaza Dental plans for your emergencies in our scheduling. We know that lost fillings and crowns or sudden onset toothache can be painful and stressful for patients. When any of these happen, it is important to see a dentist as quickly as possible to avoid possible infection and/ or further damage to the tooth.

Losing a crown means that the inner part of your tooth is now exposed and can be extremely sensitive. Food or bacteria can now enter the inner parts of your tooth and can potentially lead to a tooth infection or decay. Lee Plaza Dental does not want you to suffer in pain. We offer same-day emergency dental appointments.

Losing a filling may not be as alarming as losing a crown. When no longer protected by the filling, food and bacteria will work their way in and may cause more damage. Even if you are not experiencing pain with the loss of your filling, it is important to have it checked out right away.

Always Accepting New Patients

We are always glad to have new smiles at Lee Plaza Dental! Our friendly staff is here to answer any insurance questions that you may have or accommodate you in the event of a dental emergency, call Lee Plaza Dental, at 816-323-0180 / 816-376-0851.

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Same-Day Emergency Dental Appointment on the Plaza

If you are in the Plaza area including Westport or Kansas City and are experiencing a dental emergency, contact Lee Plaza Dental right away at 816-323-0180 / 816-376-0851 to schedule your dental emergency appointment.



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