Lee Plaza Dental Now Offers Same-Day Crowns

Your Plaza Dentist at Lee Plaza Dental now offers same-day crowns. What previously may take weeks of waiting for a lab to build, and multiple office visits can now occur during a single office visit.

Your Smile Is Valuable — and So Is Your Time!

Enjoy the same lab-quality treatment you’ve received all along — in a timeframe that lets you get on with your life.

Using her new Glidewell Machine, Dr. Lee can create same-day crowns for her patients. The machine creates the crown in less than an hour, using the same quality material as in a professional lab. Your same-day crown is made using the same time-tested processes and equipment used by Glidewell, including cutting-edge design technology built with advanced AI algorithms to ensure your crown has a great fit, look and feel.

How Does the Process for Same-Visit Crowns Work?

  1.   Dr. Lee will prepare your tooth and capture a 3D digital scan of your mouth.
  2.   The Glidewell software creates a digital blueprint of your dental crown.
  3.   You get to relax while your same-day crown is sculpted from a block of tooth-colored, metal-free material.
  4.   Dr. Lee bonds your custom-made crown onto your tooth.

If you are ready for a same-day smile restoration, including crowns, contact your Lee Plaza Dentist today online or at 816-323-0180.

Strings on the Green: Eboni Fondren Quartet

All of my plaza neighbors enjoy the yearly offerings by Strings on the Green. For their 13th season, the jazz performance by Eboni Fondren will make your evening enjoyable. Strings on the Green is held on the lawn of The Raphael Hotel and features Chaz’s prix fixe menu.


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