Lee Plaza Dental Is Here For You In A Dental Emergency

Lee Plaza Dental is available to help you in a dental emergency. If you are experiencing sudden oral pain, unrelated to any injury or impact, it is important to take your oral pain seriously and make an appointment with us to assess what is causing your pain.

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Don’t Let A Dental Emergency Wait – Call Lee Plaza Dental Today!

Sometimes tooth pain is caused by a cracked or broken tooth, or a lost filling or crown, or even an abscess. These conditions are serious and action must be taken quickly in order to prevent further damage and infection.

We know that when dental emergencies arise, they often bring additional stress when trying to find a dentist that is open late or even on the weekends. At Lee Plaza Dental, we offer same-day dental emergency appointments. 

Dental emergencies are not to put off in fear that you won’t be able to find a dentist that is available to help you. Dr. Jodie Lee, of Lee Plaza Dental, offers same-day dental appointments, so you don’t have to wait. With easy access to Westport, the Plaza, and Kansas City, you can find Lee Plaza Dental today.

Contact us today to schedule your emergency dental appointment, or call us at (816) 323-0180 and our experienced office staff can answer any questions you have regarding your dental emergency care with Lee Plaza Dental.


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