Find A Plaza Dentist With Same-Day Emergency Appointments

You can find a Plaza dentist with same day emergency appointments!  Lee Plaza Dental is a family dental office that offers same day emergency appointments and dental work.  We know dental emergencies can cause extra stress, especially if one happens over the weekend.  To better serve our patients and surrounding community, we are now offering same day emergency dental work to get you timely relief.  

Your Plaza Dentist, Dr. Lee, Schedules Same-Day Emergency Appointments!

We know that your schedule can be busy and is important to you, but not every dental situation constitutes an emergency.  Your oral health is of the utmost important to us.  If you are confused about whether or not to consider your situation a dental emergency, here is a list of signs and symptoms to consider:
Severe Pain – severe pain is a sign of a dental emergency.  If your pain is severe you should try to see your dentist as soon as possible.  With many reasons that could be causing your pain, you can easily find a Plaza dentist, Dr. Lee, to diagnose and properly treat your dental emergency.
Swollen Jaw – swelling along the jawline may indicate a sign of infection.  Often swelling in the jaw along with trouble swallowing, breathing, a fever, or bad taste in your mouth is an emergent situation and you should seek emergency dental care immediately.
Dental Abscess – an abscessed tooth is extremely painful and occurs at the root of your tooth.  This is typically caused by severe gum disease or a cavity left untreated.  If you are experiencing a fever, swollen glands and a bad taste in your mouth, find a Plaza dentist with same day emergency appointments.
Lingering Canker Sore – canker sores are normal and usually go away on their own within a week or two.  However, if your canker sore is increasing in size, painful, and hasn’t gone away on its own within two weeks, you need to find a Plaza dentist to see if there is something else going on like an infection, that may require antibiotics.
Loose or Broken Tooth – unless you are in the age range of losing baby teeth, an adult with a loose or broken tooth needs emergency dental care.  Allowing treatment for a loose or broken tooth to lapse means that it could be harder to restore the tooth, or you could lose it altogether.
Dental emergencies are not to put off in fear that you won’t be able to find a Plaza dentist to help you.  Dr. Jodie Lee of Lee Plaza Dental offers same day emergency dental appointments, so you don’t have to wait.  With easy access to Westport, the Plaza and Kansas City, you can find a Plaza dentist today.  Contact us to schedule your emergency dental appointment, or call our office at (816) 323-0180, and our experienced office staff can answer any questions you have regarding emergency dental care.

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