Dentist On The Plaza: iTero Patient Benefits

Your dentist on the Plaza, Dr. Lee, is now offering up-to-date technology through the iTero Element 2 machine, and wants you to know how this can benefit you as the patient.  The iTero Element 2 is an intraoral scanning machine that visualizes restorative and orthodontic dentistry treatments digitally, including procedures such as crowns, bridges, veneers and more.  Dr. Lee knows this proven innovation can help make your restorative and orthodontic consultations easier for you.

Your dentist on the Plaza has up to date technology to benefit you during appointments!

Dental impressions can sometimes be messy, but the new iTero Element 2 creates digital impressions, mess-free!  This makes the entire impression process smoother and faster, which ultimately makes you feel more comfortable while in the dental chair.  Your digital images with your dentist on the Plaza makes with the iTero scanner returns from the lab faster, with less waiting time on your treatment process.  The machine has a touchscreen and zoom feature that allows your dentist on the Plaza to show you in detail their diagnosis and treatment plan.
Dr. Jodie Lee has always been passionate about helping people, promoting good oral health and creating beautiful smiles.  This also involves the use of the most up-to-date technology to enhance your dental experiences.  
Lee Plaza Dental is conveniently located just minutes from Westport, the Plaza and Kansas City.  Contact the office today to set up an appointment with your dentist on the Plaza, or feel free to use our convenient online appointment scheduling tool here.  Our staff is ready to help you meet your oral health goals.  Feel free to call us at (816) 323-0180 with any questions you have regarding the iTero Element 2.

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