Plaza Dentist: Emergency Dental Services

Your Plaza dentist, Dr. Jodie Lee, offers emergency dental services with same-day appointment scheduling to accommodate your dental emergency. When your dental emergency occurs, it is important that you seek help quickly. Here are some the dental emergencies treated by your Plaza dentist: Toothache – Sometimes brushing, rinsing, or flossing can relieve discomfort. When your pain…

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Plaza Dentist: Dental Services at Lee Plaza Dental

Plaza Dentist #65155973 (AdobeStock) Lee Plaza Dental

Plaza dentist, Dr. Jodie Lee, wants your smile gleaming for Father’s Day and has many different services available to you. Dental care is important, especially on those special holidays where pictures and smiles are featured, like Father’s Day.  Preventive care is important year round, but it is also good to focus on improving the health…

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Lee Plaza Dental Offers Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign Treatment (Client Photo) Lee Plaza Dental

Plaza family dentist, Dr. Jodie Lee, offers Invisalign treatment. Getting a smile you love shouldn’t be awkward. Invisalign® uses a series of virtually invisible aligners to straighten your teeth over time. They can even be removed while eating or playing sports. The process is easy, simple and works within some insurance plans. An initial consultation with…

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Plaza Family Dentist: 4 Steps To Brushing Your Teeth Properly

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Plaza family dentist, Dr. Jodie Lee, understands that brushing your teeth in the proper way is important for the whole family. Brushing your teeth is an important step in your overall oral health care, along with routine dental checkups and cleanings. Step 1: Choosing The Right Toothbrush To benefit your oral health, teeth should be brushed at least…

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Plaza Dentist Offers Emergency Dental Services

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Plaza dentist, Dr. Jodie Lee with Lee Plaza Dental offers emergency dental services for the whole family. Sometimes brushing, rinsing or flossing can relieve dental discomfort, but if your tooth or mouth pain increases as the day progresses or hurts for more than a day, you need to see your Plaza dentist as soon as possible. Other…

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Plaza Family Dentist: 4 Steps For Whiter Teeth

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Plaza family dentist, Dr. Jodie Lee, understands that white teeth can help improve a smile and boost confidence. Here are some steps to follow in order to get a bright, white smile: Avoid Acidic Or Sugary Foods And Beverages Your Plaza family dentist understands that sweet treats are enjoyable, but moderation is important in order to…

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Plaza Dentist: 3 Steps For A Healthier Smile

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Plaza dentist, Dr. Jodie Lee, invites you to think about your oral health, and understand there are certain steps that can be taken towards a healthier smile. These steps fall under preventative care, and are the most important aspect of your oral care routine. Brush and Floss  Brushing and flossing your teeth at least two times a day,…

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Plaza Family Dentist Offers Implant Restorative Treatment

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Plaza family dentist, Dr. Jodie Lee, offers implant restorative treatment as a part of Lee Plaza Dental’s wide range of dental services for the whole family.  Sometimes the space created by missing teeth can cause other teeth to shift out of alignment, which makes it hard to speak or eat properly. Missing teeth can be…

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Lee Plaza Dentist Offers Teeth Replacement

Lee Plaza Dental Offers Teeth Replacement

Lee Plaza Dentist, Dr. Jodie Lee, offers teeth replacement as part of her restorative dentistry services. Missing teeth may affect how you speak and the remaining teeth can shift overtime. Dental implants are a complex procedure, but work as a permanent solution with a full examination of your oral health, consultation with your Plaza dentist, creation of a…

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